How do I get a visa for India from the UK? 

The Indian Embassy outsources the visa process to VFS in the UK. If you are going to visit India for less than 60 days then applying for e tourist visa India for UK citizen will be sufficient. However, a long term tourist visa lets you have a visa to enter India for multiple times for a period of 1 to 5 years. On a single trip, you can visit India for a period of 180 days maximum. For a 5-year visa, biometric information will be collected at the VFS center as this cannot be done by post.

There are two methods of applying for a long term Indian tourist visa:

  • By appointment at a VFS Visa Centre in the UK

You need to get an appointment at any of the VFS Visa Centre in the UK located at the following locations: London, Hounslow, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester, Belfast, Bristol, Bradford, Newcastle, Cardiff, Liverpool, Leicester, and Glasgow. You have to select a correct mission during the application process.


  • By post in the UK

Postal applications take 2-3 weeks longer than an appointment so it is advisable to make the application via appointment to avoid any inconvenience or delay. Also, VFS will not take any responsibility for your passport.

If you are physically not able to make an appointment, a friend or family member on your behalf can visit the VFS center and can submit the authorization letter to submit your application.

The cost of Indian Visa for UK citizens depends on the duration or length of the tourist visa. The processing time for each application lies between 3-5 days and some time will be additionally required for your passport and visa to be sent back to you. You can speed up the process by collecting the items from the center itself.

Process to apply for an Indian visa from the UK

  1. To start the application process, click on the ‘Online visa application’.

  2. Now you have to select the country and fill the required information such as Indian Mission, Nationality, Date of Birth, Email ID, Expected date of arrival, Visa type, Purpose etc.

  3. On the next page, enter the field such as applicant details and passport details.

  4. Then you have to enter the information for the applicant’s address, family details, marital status, occupation, military experience etc.

  5. Enter the details of visa, previous visa information, countries you have visited in 10 years, SAARC countries and references you have.

  6. Next, you have to upload your passport photo and you can also resize and re-select the photo on the next page.

  7. You can review the passport photo after uploading if you are satisfied with it.

  8. Review the application and then confirm it if the information you have entered is correct.

After this, your application will be confirmed. You can apply for an online e visa if you are visiting for a period of less than 60 days. For a 5-year visa, you are required to book an appointment and biometric data is also required. Click the Print Form and the application will be downloaded into PDF form.

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